Egbert is Executive Chairman at communications consultants deekeling arndt/amo, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Berlin and Frankfurt.

He holds a degree in sociology and was Managing Director at ABC/EUROCOM before founding Deekeling & Fiebig in 1995. With Olaf Arndt, he developed the company into Deekeling Arndt Advisors in Communications, one of the leading communications consultancies in Germany. Since 2016, the company has been a member of the /amo network, supporting clients worldwide in collaboration with /amo partners, primarily in strategic and capital market communications.

Egbert supports communications experts, CEOs and top managers at companies of all sizes and from all industries, including several DAX and MDAX-listed corporations. He advises especially in phases of comprehensive, large-scale transformation and is one of the most renowned experts in this field. Egbert was one of the first in Germany to recognise the growing pressure to transform and modernise, giving credence to the idea of   change communications as a discipline. For many years now, his activities have focused on banks and insurance companies, the energy industry and regional transformation.

Egbert is author and co-publisher of a number of books on the topics of change communications, CEO communications and internal communications. He has also worked as a lecturer and expert at third-level institutions in Germany, Switzerland and Austria as well as teaching   at a wide range of seminars.

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