A survey by the /amo network: Corporate Insolvencies & Restructuring…

Discussion of a wave of insolvency has been rife since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, yet it is still to materialise. We asked those working in and around the financial restructuring and insolvency space in Europe about their expectations of activity for the remainder of 2021 and into 2022.


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“Values Most Valued” Survey

New report shows shift in corporate values cited by large companies worldwide as they signal an enhanced sense of social responsibility.


• The /amo global survey reviews corporate values of 525 listed companies across 22 markets.

• Values related to people & communities top the ranking, up 11% from last year.

• Integrity remains the single most frequent value, cited by 27.8% of companies.


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Reframing Business

ESG and sustain­ability are the new game-changers of our times. The expectations of society and policy­makers are growing. The capital market demands the ability to deliver on all ESG criteria and the pressure to transform is on the increase. Business needs to reposition and re-legitimise itself.

We assist companies in developing a sustain­ability profile with a clear stance and making it easily identifiable. We enable companies to enter into discourse in major sustain­ability debates in society so that they can credibly communicate their trans­formation to all stake­holders and address conflicting goals, all while being a part of the solution and making a clear contribution to over­coming major future challenges.

ESG transformation as an existential challenge for the reputation of corporations.

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ESG in M&A: From Afterthought to Central Focus

The investment community now views ESG measurement as a core component of effective corporate strategy, Three things to keep in mind for future deal-making.

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