The /amo network unveils its Public Affairs offering

There has never been a more important time for businesses to communicate effectively with government. Our clients look to us to help them navigate and influence change.

Political decisions are having a profound impact on the future of business life. Corporate agility and finesse will help ensure distinct, integrated, approaches across markets.

Sustained engagement is vital to ensure understanding, maintain effective working relationships and promote a compelling narrative - organisations have a crucial role to play in helping to shape government actions.

There are a number of reasons why political and regulatory matters need to be on the agenda in every boardroom and for every CEO.

  • As economies emerge from the Coronavirus pandemic, governments are looking to business both to drive the recovery and to build in new resilience for the future.

  • Any extension of the State’s role in delivering key services will have deep implications for individual sectors.

  • At the same time, a raft of other issues remain firmly on the agenda: domestic policy, competition questions, climate change activities, taxation and sustainable business practices all require attention.

Political scrutiny and regulatory intervention are set to remain major factors influencing day to day business activities.

When addressing these challenges, the /amo network develops and executes bespoke political and regulatory communications programmes for our clients, from high profile campaigns to stakeholder engagement, rapid response and policy input.

/amo has a proud history of representing a broad spectrum of organisations for over 15 years, including large listed companies, private businesses, firms owned by private equity funds, industry coalitions and trade associations.

/amo believes in delivering strategic, integrated communications to all a client’s critical audiences. We are renowned for our rigorous research, insightful advice, discretion, wide-ranging influence and excellent execution. We advise many of our clients at important moments, whether they are facing business-critical legislation, a volatile political environment, embarking on a major M&A transaction, entering a new market or dealing with a crisis.

We will work tirelessly to ensure that your message is heard, understood and accepted, and to protect and build your reputation.