Reframing Business

ESG and sustain­ability are the new game-changers of our times. The expectations of society and policy­makers are growing. The capital market demands the ability to deliver on all ESG criteria and the pressure to transform is on the increase. Business needs to reposition and re-legitimise itself.

We assist companies in developing a sustain­ability profile with a clear stance and making it easily identifiable. We enable companies to enter into discourse in major sustain­ability debates in society so that they can credibly communicate their trans­formation to all stake­holders and address conflicting goals, all while being a part of the solution and making a clear contribution to over­coming major future challenges.

ESG transformation as an existential challenge for the reputation of corporations.

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Resetting corporate strategy – The impact of COVID-19 on global…

2020 was a year defined by a global pandemic which has profoundly changed the way organizations operate.

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COVID 19 - a shared global challenge for internal communications

For the first time in history, companies worldwide share a common challenge: how to deal with a global pandemic.This also results in new requirements for internal communication.

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Purpose as the expression of a strategic paradigm shift

Purpose seems to be turning into the new management buzzword of our times. The number of publications on the topic is exploding. Companies are searching for their purpose and are creating new job titles like "Head of Purpose". Consulting firms are adapting their range of services. However, purpose is much more than just a fashion trend.

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