When deals spring a leak VOLUME 2 - An analysis on the predictability of deal leaks

If you are looking for scoops in M&A transactions, you may feel concerned by the report just published by our New York agency, abernathy macgregor/amo, a member of the /amo network belonging to the Havas Group.

The study, reviewed 339 US transactions of more than $5 billion since 2015. It shows that leaks in the press, which reveal a transaction before its formal announcement, are more or less predictable depending on different factors, for example :

  • the size of the transaction (only 46% of small transactions leak, compared to 86% of large ones)
  • the sector (telecom deals are twice as likely to leak as energy deals)
  • the season (46% of winter deals leaked, compared to 57% in summer).

Find the complete report here