Environmental, social and governance criteria are today increasingly important factors in investment decisions.

Although the regulations and dynamics behind the ESG debate vary from region to region, investors worldwide care about ESG for two main reasons: it has become an important criterion in both risk management and value creation.

The rise of ESG has also provoked a profound rethink of corporate priorities. It has signaled the end of shareholder primacy, heralding a new multi-stakeholder approach. Sustainability, purpose and a much more ambitious time-horizon, rather than quarterly reports, have all become the building blocks of corporate strategy.

Engaging all stakeholders

The /amo network’s specialist ESG team has a proven track record of advising companies on the risks and opportunities they face in the light of ESG’s increasing dominance of the corporate debate. We provide a multi-level approach, engaging across the corporate structure with all the key stakeholders, notably the Board, top management, communications teams, investor relations, public affairs teams and employee relations departments.

An integrated ESG strategy

The /amo network’s specialist team helps our clients develop their full ESG communications strategy. We execute peer reviews and benchmarking. We design and carry out ESG investor surveys. We deliver stakeholder mapping and engagement plans, including ESG roadshows. We advise on ESG reporting, ratings and rankings. And we help design and implement full ESG training programs for employees.

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