Public Affairs and Policy

Political decisions around the world are having a profound impact on every aspect of business life. That’s why government relations and regulatory issues need to be top of the agenda in every boardroom and for every CEO.

In the midst of a global pandemic, private sector organizations have a crucial role to play in helping to shape government actions. Governments are looking to business to drive economic recovery, support employees, provide a vaccine and become more resilient.

At the same time, a broader array of issues also remains firmly on the domestic and international agenda: health care, energy, trade, transportation, technology competition questions, climate change activities, taxation and sustainable business practices all require sustained dialogue between the public and private sectors.

Our clients rely on the /amo network to help them navigate the public sector and influence change. We provide local, market-specific political and policy expertise while integrating our counsel seamlessly into our clients’ strategic business objectives.

To address these challenges, the /amo network develops and executes for clients bespoke political and regulatory advocacy communications programs, from high-profile campaigns and stakeholder engagement initiatives to rapid response, policy monitoring and advocacy.

Our consultants draw on their extensive experience in the policy arena to provide our clients with a fully range of services.


We deliver best-in-class political intelligence and insight, including informed assessments of new policy impact assessments.


We help our clients analyze their stakeholder universe and then to design and implement the appropriate outreach programs with key opinion leaders. We identify the relevant thought leadership platforms, and prepare our clients to make the most of any relevant opportunities to express their positions and concerns to the right audiences.


We offer informed advice on issues management. We help design integrated political, media and digital campaigns. We counsel and coach our clients on how best to manage their political reputation.

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