A company’s reputation is one of its most treasured assets. It determines the valuation, influences consumer sentiment, impacts employee morale, serves as the foundation of all brand building, and is crucial in navigating and surviving crisis situations.

At /amo, we approach every communications challenge with our client’s reputation in mind. The detailed strategies that we deliver are focused on reaching the right audiences to position the company for success.

Our focus on our clients’ reputation serves as the cornerstone for all our work in building and maintaining a corporate image. We address the issues raised by core stakeholders in order to minimize business disruption, drafting and delivering the clear, credible messages required to protect corporate valuations.

Preparing for crisis

Our crisis practice in particular allows our clients to navigate tense and critical situations with their reputation intact, allowing them to return as smoothly and swiftly as possible to business-as-usual. We prioritize our clients’ business goals throughout our mandate. With this in mind, we encourage clients to conduct preparedness and simulation exercises to ensure internal alignment on processes before any crisis occurs, identifying the key risks and the resources needed to address them.

Litigation communications

Our reputation strategies are designed to reduce the risks and cost of litigation. But when litigation does occur, we develop bespoke strategies that allow our clients to distill often complex matters into simple messaging that resonates with their core audiences. Our approach is guided by an understanding of the legal strategy, and designed to address all stakeholders’ concerns as effectively as possible throughout the litigation process.

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