No company can afford to stand still. Navigating change is an integral aspect of management, and a daily aspect of every employee’s life.

Transforming corporate structures and processes requires clear thinking, lucid explanation, and high degrees of trust throughout the organization.

As companies grapple with the need to change, often on multiple fronts, communication plays a crucial role in overcoming internal resistance and change-fatigue in order for new ways of working to be adopted.

The /amo network’s transformation experts have long experience in working with our clients to analyze their challenges, identify the best approach and apply the tools best adapted to the situation. Their role is to help clients introduce new structures and improve processes, and above all to bring about the more profound cultural transformation which is the ultimate success factor in any corporate change.

Our teams provide expertise at all the most sensitive transformational moments throughout a company’s lifecycle. These include:

Strategic alignment

We help our clients build the narrative to tell their story. We design the suitable dialogue formats for top management and executives. We enable team-level communication plans. And we work with our clients to implement post-transformation communication programs.

M&A and post-merger transformation

We accompany our clients throughout the full process, from transaction to transformation. We help conceive, draft and implement the pre-merger and Day-One change story and roadmap.  We provide management training in the equity story and integration rules. We work on the development of the new corporate culture. We draft and implement Day-One communication plans. We work on top management roadshows and marketing lighthouse projects. We deliver cultural awareness, integration and dialogue programs. And we are hands-on throughout the post-merger integration processes.


Content development is a crucial element in any restructuring process. This includes the storyline and messaging specific to identified target groups. We develop the full communications planning development process. We execute information events for managers, employees, politics, major customers, and suppliers. We design manager empowerment programs. And we work with our clients to ensure that they are fully prepared in terms of crisis prevention, scenario planning, and leak strategies.

Cultural change

Our role as external transformation consultants is to provide the culture assessment and analysis necessary for any successful program. We help develop goals, draft mission statements, implement internal communications programs, and design the leadership programs and collaboration workshops to ensure that all the players are empowered and aware of their new roles.

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